TAILIEUCHUNG - Amphibionics P1

The robots in this book were designed to imitate biological lifeforms. Watching the snake robot moving through a room, it is interesting to observe the surprised reactions of people when it quickly turns towards them. People actually regard the robot as being alive. I am struck with the thought that although these machines are not alive in our biological sense, they actually are alive, but as life-forms unto themselves. These artificially intelligent machines are the products of human imagination and technical understanding. As the technology advances, the line between living and non-living matter is slowly becoming blurred | Build Your Own Reptilian Robot Karl Williams Step-by-step guide to constructing one rcbot with walling ability and artificial intelligence Costs under 200 to b uild-a true hobbyists robot Discusses mechanical construction electron cs. PIC programming use of sensors and robotic intelligence routines Software chapter inclines routines to coordinate the servos for walking monitoring the sensors and the output and control of sound ard light Amphibionics This page intentionally left .

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