TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Project management: The managerial process (6/e) - Chapter 18: Project management career paths

Chapter 18 discusses basic issues regarding a career in project management. One point to remember is that pursuing a career in project management does not necessarily mean you will ever have the title of project manager. | 18–1 Project Management 6e. 18–2 Where We Are Now 18–2 Project Management 6e. 18–3 Career Paths There is no set career path for becoming a project manager. Advancement generally occurs incrementally. Project management responsibilities expand as you move up the organization’s hierarchy. 18–3 Project Management 6e. 18–4 Temporary Assignments Project management assignments tend to be temporary. Permanent job tenure is rarely granted to project managers. A promising career can be derailed by one unsuccessful project. 18–4 Project Management 6e. 18–5 Pursuing a Career Find out what specific project job opportunities exist in your company. Talk to people in project management positions and find out how they got to where they are and what advice they can give you. Share your aspirations with your immediate superior or someone who can champion you ambitions, make training available, or assign you to PM work. 18–5 Project Management 6e. 18–6 Professional Training and Certification Training

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