TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts practice test plus part 4

This depends upon the institution to which you are applying. While some will accept you at Band 5, most universities require a minimum score of overall with a minimum score of 6 in each sub-test. Some courses with a heavy emphasis on language may ask for a higher score. You should seek advice from the Faculty or University to which you are applying. | Listening module 30 minutes transfer time SECTION 1 Questions 1-10 Tip Strip Note how many different types of questions there are. In this case there are four multiple choice note completion selecting from a list and short answer. Look at the instructions for each set of questions. Questions 1-3 Listen to the telephone conversation between a student and the owner of a paragliding school and answer the questions below. Circle the correct letters A-D. Example Which course does the man suggest A 2 day C 5 day j 4 day D 6 day Read the questions try to predict the context of the conversation. Look at the questions again to see exactly what information you must listen out for. Underline any key words in the main part of the questions with options. Then look at the options and make sure you understand how they differ from each other. 1 How much is the beginner s course A 190 2 What does the club insurance cover A injury to yourself B 320 B D 330 430 D injury to your equipment damage to other people s property loss of personal belongings 3 A B How do the girls want to travel public transport private bus car D bicycle TOI ation lease visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at more material and ir . TEST 1 LISTENING MODULE Questions 4-7 Complete the form below. Write NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS for each answer. TELEPHONE MEMO Name Maria Gentle Address C o Mr Mrs 4 . 5 .Newcastle Fax no 0249 6 . I Type of Card 7 . Tip Strip Question 8 Questions 8 9 You must get both parts of the question right to get Circle TWO letters A-G Which TWO of the following items must people take with them your mark. The correct answer may not be the A sandals D shirt with long sleeves G sunglasses actual words which you hear on the tape. Option B old clothes E soft drinks E in Question 8 is an example of this. C pullover F hat Be on the lookout for paraphrasing of this type Question 9 Circle TWO letters A-G. Which TWO accommodation options mentioned are near the paragliding school A .