TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts practice test plus part 2

A computerised version of IELT5 - known as CBIELTS - will be available at some centres for the Listening and Reading tests. You can choose whether to take the Writing test on screen or on paper However, you will always be able to take | 3 The graph shows the 4 Louis Braille was bom in A number of people in prison in Australia. A 1809. B main reason for people going to prison. B 1819. C number of prisons in Australia. C 1829. b Iôd Now listen to Extract 3 again and answer Questions 7 and 8. Exam Tip You are not always listening for the words used in the question. IELTS tests your ability to make sense of what you hear - not just to listen for key words. Sometimes one of the speakers will ask the question for you in a slightly different form so listen out for this. 7 The woman washes her hair A once a week. B twice a week. C more than twice a week. 8 The woman chooses her shampoo based on A price. B design. C advertising. How was the answer expressed on the recording Were the same words used as in the question Developing listening skills 2 Listening for main ideas and supporting information Exercise 4 What does listening for main ideas mean Imagine you are at a party. You join a group of people who are already talking to each other. The first thing you do is try to work out what they are talking about. What is the topic And then what is the main idea You can get an idea of the topic from the vocabulary they are using. The main idea is the main point or message. a od Listen to Extract 4. You will hear four different mini-talks in each case identify the main idea and complete the table below. Sometimes the main idea will be explicitly stated sometimes it will be in the overall message. b ao Listen to Extract 4 again and pause the recording after each speaker. Make notes of some of the supporting information. Look at the example for the first mini-talk below. Main Ideas Supporting Information 1 the cost of the project 43 million since 1990 2 3 4 For more material and mfoi nation please visit Tai Lieu Du Hoc at How is your understanding of main ideas and supporting information tested in the IELTS exam In the exam you may need to show your understanding of main ideas and supporting .