TAILIEUCHUNG - A Business and Co-operative Future For Weaver Street Market By Geoffrey Gilson

Saturday’s demonstration followed a brief February takeover of a building at the site that ended when police warned those inside they would be arrested if they did not leave. That incident followed the | InformalIntimacy A Business andCo-operative Future For Weaver Street Market Geoffrey Gilson August 2007 Introduction Policy Governance I have been with Weaver Street Market WSM for something over two years now. About a year ago I began formulating some thoughts about the future structure of WSM both as a business and as a co-operative. This document represents the sum of those ideas. I don t pretend that the document is a detailed blueprint. I merely offer it as a trigger to help start a conversation among the stakeholders in WSM. Let me say straight away that my style is informal. So I apologize upfront if this document does not read like other policy development strategies or organizational evaluations you may have read. Indeed it may seem a little rough around the edges in parts - I was more concerned with getting something out than making it all polished and streamlined. If this document is being read by someone who is not grounded in WSM or policy governance then it s probably a good idea first to read through the WSM website and in particular the sections entitled About Us about and Become an Owner owner . The John Carver Policy Governance model provides opportunity for what may seem to some like an endless intellectual discussion about the balance between ENDS about and about and MEANS whether a Board should be prescriptive or merely exclusive about results that are undesirable the full extent of the monitoring function and so on. As interesting as that discussion may be for Retreats Board meetings or just chats over coffee what it means to me immediately is that I m not entirely sure how to go about raising thoughts my own which have been brewing for some time and which some may see as a full-blooded up-and-down revamp of the corporate and .

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