TAILIEUCHUNG - THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY Credit by Examination 2011 - 2012

The proposer enters the proposal into the college’s local online course database. All appropriate questions on the form must be answered. A syllabus and other documents can also be sent to the Curriculum Coordinator to be posted on the proposal webpage. For new courses, the Student Affairs representative shall be the contact person for determining the available course numbers. New courses are expected to conform to the UH system-level course numbering policies. The proposer is encouraged to show the proposal to relevant stakeholders, including the sponsoring department and the CCAAC, to ensure that basic problems with the proposal are resolved before the proposal is presented to the campus | OHIO the O H I O S T A T E U N I V E R S I T Y OHIO Credit by Examination 2011 - 2012 SbSb 585 Student Academic Services Building 281 W est Lane Avenue 614-292-2241 testing@ What is the Credit by Examination Program Students can earn credit toward graduation at The Ohio State University upon successful completion of tests in the Credit by Examination Program. Successful completion of any of these tests results in a designation of EM credit on the student s permanent record. The credit does not affect the student s grade point average but does count as hours toward graduation. The six types of exams that can produce EM credit at OSU are outlined below. A. Two categories of exams measure knowledge of specific OSU course content. Only students currently enrolled at OSU main campus may take these exams. 1. EM Tests pages 2 - 4 are constructed by faculty members and administered by OSU s Testing Center. 2. Departmental Exams pages 4 - 7 are administered by OSU s academic units this includes foreign language placement exams. B. Four categories of exams are administered nationwide to assess proficiency in various fields of study. Students need not be enrolled at OSU at the time these tests are taken. 1. CLEP Tests page 7 are computer based tests administered in OSU s Testing Center. 2. APP Tests page 8 are taken by high school students enrolled in the Advanced Placement Program to earn college credit. 3. DSST Exams page 8 are often taken by military personnel and are administered at OSU s Testing Center. 4. IB Tests page 7 are taken by students participating in the International Baccalaureate Program to earn college credit. Current scores and credits for CLEP APP and IB exams are listed on pages 7-8. These credits are subject to change as a result of ongoing departmental review. Who is eligible for the program All currently enrolled Ohio State University undergraduates are eligible to take EM Tests Departmental Exams and CLEP Tests. .

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