TAILIEUCHUNG - Oxford - Family and Friends 1- workbook

Family and Friends of the document publisher Oxford compiled meticulously and details, with vivid pictures and easy to understand, help baby easily understood and remembered vocabulary document also help your teachers and parents htem reference document. | Workbook Naomi Simmons OXFORD Lesson One 1 Trace and circle. My name s Tirn Billy. My name s Rosy Billy. My name s Miss Tones Tim. 4 My name s Miss Tones Rosy. 2 Draw yourself and write. What s your name My name s 4 Starter What s your name Lesson Two 1 Write. name you I m Bye Hello Tim 2 Match. 1 2 3 4 Goodbye. Hello b How are you What s your name a -b c d Bye. Hello. I m fine. My name s Tim. What s your name Starter 5

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