TAILIEUCHUNG - Tham khảo thi tốt nghiệp 2011 Đề 3

Tham khảo tài liệu 'tham khảo thi tốt nghiệp 2011 đề 3', tài liệu phổ thông, ôn thi đh-cđ phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả | Tham khảo thi tốt nghiệp 2011 Đề 3 I - Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. 0 2 1. A. information B. informative C. forward D. formal 2. A. shout B. through C. mountain D. household 3. A. teenager B. message C. village D. advantage 4. A. control B. folk C. remote D. documentary 5. A. access B. website C. violent D. internet II - Choose the best answer from the four options given marked A B C or D to complete each sentence. 0 2 6. They Ho Chi Minh City last summer. A. visit B. will visit C. have visit D. visited 7. He asked me if I to school by bicycle every day. A. am going B. go C. was going D. went 8. Friday morning there is a meeting between 11am and 1 pm. A. In B. For C. On D. At 9. The article was posted by Jimhello on Tuesday t it B. wasn t it C. was it D. did it 10. She was sick yesterday she was absent from school. A. since B. so C. because D. but 11. You really saw a UFO A. aren t you B. don t you C. didn t you D. weren t you 12. If Mr. John rich he would travel around the world. A. is B. will be C. was D. were 13. Lan the train if she in a hurry. A. will miss is not B. misses is not C. misses is D. will miss does not 14. The book is on the table belongs to my brother. A. which B. where C. whose 15. I didn t go to the party yesterday because. A. I am sick B. I will be sick C. I was sick sick 16. _it was so cold he went out without an overcoat. A. Although B. Since C. If 17. Tom said that he_in Leeds in England. A. is living B. has lived C. lived 18. He asked me . D. who D. I would be D. Because D. were living A. what my phone number C. what my phone number was 19. Don t forget to buy me a dictionary A. do you B. will you 20. The examiner didn t tell me A. whether B. how B. what my phone number were D. what was my phone number _ C. shall you I passed or not. C. if D. don t you D. why Tham khảo thi tốt nghiệp 2011 III - Identify the underlined word phrase A or B C D that needs .

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