TAILIEUCHUNG - an inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations phần 9

lished ở châu Âu, theo cách tương tự như ở Ai Cập cổ đại, một ngôn ngữ của các linh mục, và ngôn ngữ của người dân, thiêng liêng và một xúc phạm, một học và ngôn ngữ một không thể học được. Nhưng đó là cần thiết mà các linh mục nên hiểu một cái gì đó mà ngôn ngữ thiêng liêng và học, | The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith 1657 21 1658 22 1659 23 1660 24 lished in Europe in the same manner as in ancient Egypt a language of the priests and a language of the people a sacred and a profane a learned and an unlearned language. But it was necessary that the priests should understand something of that sacred and learned language in which they were to officiate and the study of the Latin language therefore made from the beginning an essential part of university education. It was not so with that either of the Greek or of the Hebrew language. The infallible decrees of the church had pronounced the Latin translation of the Bible commonly called the Latin Vulgate to have been equally dictated by divine inspiration and therefore of equal authority with the Greek and Hebrew originals. The knowledge of those two languages therefore not being indispensably requisite to a churchman the study of them did not for a long time make a necessary part of the common course of university education. There are some Spanish universities I am assured in which the study of the Greek language has never yet made any part of that course. The first reformers found the Greek text of the New Testament and even the Hebrew text of the Old more favorable to their opinions than the Vulgate translation which as might naturally be supposed had been gradually accommodated to support the doctrines of the Catholic Church. They set themselves therefore to expose the many errors of that translation which the Roman Catholic clergy were thus put under the necessity of defending or explaining. But this could not well be done without some knowledge of the original languages of which the study was therefore gradually introduced into the greater part of universities both of those which embraced and of those which rejected the doctrines of the Reformation. The Greek language was connected with every part of that classical learning which though at first principally cultivated by Catholics and Italians .

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