TAILIEUCHUNG - Clearing the Air Reducing Diesel Pollution in West Oakland

As mentioned earlier, since carbon monoxide is a major contributor to smog formation, and since oxygenated fuels reduce carbon monoxide emissions, many metropolitan areas are now required by federal law to sell oxygenate-rich or ‘reformulated’ gasoline. At the time of this writing, the EPA has embarked on the next phase of combatting smog (see, for example, “Smog Alert: The EPA proposes tough new clean-air standards,” Time of 12/9/96. Finally, the ozone level in the air needs to be mentioned (see Table 11-2). Again, this ground-level ozone should not be confused with the depletion of the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere, which is increasing the exposure of. | Clearing the Air Reducing Diesel Pollution in West Oakland A West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project Report by the Pacific Institute in conjunction with the Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization November 2003 Clearing the Air Executive Summary Authors Meena Palaniappan Diana Wu Jacki Kohleriter Assistant Editor Photographer Nicholas Cain Layout Jacki Kohleriter Truck Study and Alternatives TIAX LLC Truck Counters Fenix Barbour Sonya Bridges James McClendon Clavel Coleman Zuri Maunder Fred Merritt Marilyn Williams-Reynolds Sherri Tolliver Angela Windy Indoor Air Monitoring Study Diane Bailey Natural Resources Defense Council Jacki Kohleriter Pacific Institute Gordon Family Crowder Family The following technical reports are available online at diesel 1. TIAX Diesel Truck Study TIAX 2003 2. West Oakland Diesel Particulate Matter Emissions Inventory and Air Quality Monitoring Study Pacific Institute PI 2003 3. Summary of Studies PI 2003 4. Data Gap Analysis PI 2003 Acknowledgements We would like to thank the following funders who have generously supported the diesel study and the Pacific Institute s Environmental Indicators Project California Department of Health Services the East Bay Community Foundation Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. Fund Firedoll Foundation The San Francisco Foundation Sustainable Communities Leadership Program Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation United States Environmental Protection Agency and the Vanguard Foundation. The authors would like to thank the Natural Resource Defense Council NRDC for providing pro bono use of their Aethalometer to conduct the indoor air monitoring study assisting in interpreting its results and providing technical assistance. We also thank all those who provided feedback on the final report Diane Bailey NRDC John Brock Richard Grow Pam Tsai all USEPA . Organizations listed for identification purposes only. We would also like to thank agencies and elected officials who helped us obtain information

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