TAILIEUCHUNG - CDC Global Health Strategy 2012 - 2015

The population health approach achieves its goal of improving the health status of the entire population by considering health determinants and strategies to reduce inequalities in health status between groups. (110) As a result, the Child Health program requires public health practitioners to work with others to address the broader determinants of health and reduce resulting health inequities. (1) Practical guidance for this work is addressed in Steps to Equity: Ideas and Strategies for Health Equity in Ontario, 2008–2010. (111) Activities contribute to the development and implementation of healthy policies, the creation or enhancement of supportive environments that support children and. | Vision A world where people live healthier safer and longer lives CDC Global Health Strategy 2012 - 2015 Mission Protect and improve health globally through science policy partnership and evidence-based public health action Center for Global Health Office of the Director Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global Health Strategy Table of Contents Executive CDC Global Health Building on Existing Public Health Strengthening Country Public Health Shaping the Global Health Agenda in Collaboration with CDC Global Health CDC Core Technical Providing Technical Implementing Evidence-Based Public Health Developing Surveillance and Strategic Information Translating Research into Public Health Policy and Building Public Health Workforce Strengthening Laboratory Improving Emergency Preparedness and Response Conducting Monitoring and Evaluation CDC Global Health Goal 1 Health Impact Improve the Health and Well-being of People around the Objective Prevent New HIV Infections and Serve the Needs of HIV Positive Individuals Globally. 16 Reduce Tuberculosis Morbidity and Objective Reduce Malaria Morbidity and Objective Reduce Maternal and Perinatal Objective Reduce Child Morbidity and Objective Eliminate and Control Targeted Neglected Tropical Objective Control Eliminate or Eradicate Vaccine-Preventable Objective Reduce Burden of Non-Communicable 1 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global Health Strategy Goal 2 Health Security Improve Capabilities to Prepare and Respond to Infectious Diseases Other Emerging Health Threats and Public Health Objective Strengthen Capacity to Prepare for and Detect

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