TAILIEUCHUNG - dreamweaver mx weekend crash course phần 8

2. Xóa giữ chỗ nhảy trình đơn đồ họa. 3. Kéo mục nhảy Thư viện menu đến vị trí nơi bạn chỉ cần xóa hình ảnh. 4. Xem trước trong trình duyệt của bạn để đảm bảo rằng tất cả là làm việc tốt. Trang web của bạn trong hình thức gần như cuối cùng để tạo ra các mẫu. | 250 Sunday Morning Links should be in blue and underlined for visitor convenience. Many designers scoff at this idea but observe your own surfing behavior. When you see an underlined blue section of text without thinking you know it is a link. A well-designed page leads the visitor easily to where the visitor wants to go. Standard links help reach this goal. Figure 23-5 CSS selector style is chosen in the New Style window. The a link style controls the default link color for a page. 5. Create a New style again choosing CSS Selector as the type but this time select a visited from the Selector drop-down list. Specify 660099 as the color for this style. This is the color that the link becomes when the page for that link has been visited. 6. Create a New style again choosing CSS Selector as the type but this time select a hover from Selector drop-down list. Specify CC6600 as the color for this. When your visitor holds his mouse over a link this color appears. 7. Accept the changes to your style sheet and return to your template. 8. Save your template. Choose Update when asked if you would like to have the files attached to the template updated. I do not have the space to touch on CSS syntax the cascading properties of CSS or many other topics that are very important to making the most of CSS power. I simply wanted you to know how Dreamweaver creates and applies CSS to a page. This is one topic that bears serious study however especially if you are or plan to become a professional designer. Done Review I hope you are excited about what you learned in this session. CSS for text is one of the best features for designers and one that you should use from the start. Just remember CSS style definitions or links to style sheets are always stored in the head area of the document. Session 23 Controlling Text with CSS 251 When you use a CSS linked file you can change the text style on thousands of pages by adjusting one file. When text is formatted with CSS no formatting appears

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