TAILIEUCHUNG - Mining and environment in the Western Balkans

Our aim is to minimise the harm caused by flooding. This involves reducing the likelihood of flooding and reducing the impacts when flooding occurs. At the same time there are underlying pressures that are increasing risk, such as climate change, housing development or changes in land use. Sometimes we can affect these drivers, for example by influencing planning and land development. There are, however, other drivers that are beyond our direct influence, such as climate change impacts on the weather and sea level rise. Figure one shows some of the things that can change the risk of flooding | Mining and environment in the Western Balkans UNEP This study was initiated by the Environment and Security Initiative ENV-SEC a partnership between UNDP UNEP OSCE NATO UNECE and REC. Disclaimer The views expressed in this study are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect views of neither UNEP nor ENVSEC partner organizations or their member-countries. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this study do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the organizations concerning the legal status of any country territory city or area of its authority or delineation of its frontiers and boundaries. Mining and Environment in the Western Balkans is also available as interactive map and information film for further insight in this subject. Both are available at UNEP promotes environmentally sound practices globally and in its own activities. This report is printed on 100 recycled paper using vegetable-based inks and other ecofriendly practices. Our distribution policy aims to reduce UNEP s carbon footprint. Mining and environment in the Western Balkans Editor Christina Stuhlberger Cartography Matthias Beilstein Christina Stuhlberger Photography UNDP Montenegro Philip Peck Christina Stuhlberger Contributors Harald Egerer Philip Peck Pier Carlo Sandei Otto Simonett Stewart Williams Copy editing Harry Forster This study was prepared by Zoi Environment Network on behalf of UNEP Vienna in the framework of the Environment and Security Initiative - South Eastern Europe with support of the Austrian Development Agency ADA and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland. A special thank you to the many members of the ENVSEC - South Eastern Europe family and friends of the Balkan who contributed throughout the years with passion and dedication to the topic. We are in particular grateful to UNDP Montenegro and its Western Balkan Environment Programme WBEP for the continuous backstopping in preparation of this .

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