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Làm thế nào để tôi thêm ổn định cho các clip như tôi nhập khẩu? iMovie có thể phân tích các đoạn để giúp chuyển động ra trơn gây ra bởi một máy ảnh run rẩy. Thực hiện theo các bước sau: 1 Trong hộp thoại nhập khẩu, nhấp Phân tích ổn định sau khi nhập khẩu (thay đổi). iMovie tự động thực hiện phân tích ổn định sau khi hoàn thành các đoạn phim nhập khẩu. Lưu ý: Để biết thêm về sự ổn định,. | WORKING WITH iMOVIE 09 5 In the dialog that appears select a save location. iMovie organizes imported content as events. The default is to save imported clips taken on the same day to separate events. 0 Type the event name. You can optionally save to an existing event O changes to . You can click to keep all clips in one eventinstead of dividing clips by day changes to E3 . 7 Click Import. iMovie imports the video. You can click Stop to stop the video before the end of the tape. 8 When the importing is complete click Done to close the import window. cha Importing and Organizing Movies T How do I add stabilization to clips as I import them iMovie can analyze clips to help smooth out motion caused by a shaky camera. Follow these steps O In the import dialog click Analyze forstabilizationafter import 3 changes to S . iMovie automatically performs stabilization analysis after the video clips finish importing. Note For more about stabilization see Chapter 10. Import From ZR200 DV Save to Macintosh HD free 540 min 3 O Add to existing Event Bike Ride 3 Create new Event Skiing ivl Split days into new Events 1 Analyze for stabilization after import Selecting this option will analyze all clips for stabilization but will result in longer import times. f Cancel Import 123 Import Video from a Memory-based Camcorder You can connect a memory-based camcorder to your Mac and import video into iMovie. You can import all the clips from the camcorder or just selected ones. iMovie saves the video clips as digital files that you can then assemble into professional-looking movies. For details about connecting your specific camcorder see the documentation that came with the device. Import Video from a Memory-based Camcorder O Turn your memory-based camcorder on and connect it to your Mac. Connect the camera using a USB cable. Note Make sure your camcorder is switched to PC Connect mode. The terminology may vary depending on the model of your camcorder. The import window opens and

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