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Quản lý Faces Khi bạn đặt tên khuôn mặt trong bức ảnh của bạn, iPhoto xem xét các bức ảnh khác trong thư viện của bạn và cố gắng để tên họ cho bạn. Bạn có thể xem các đề xuất đối mặt với iPhoto để xác nhận chúng. Để nhãn phải đối mặt với những cái tên chính mình, xem "Tên một khuôn mặt." | WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Organizing Photos iPhoto groups your photos based on named faces. You can double-click a face photo to view the named photos. How do I name a face that iPhoto does not recognize Sometimes iPhoto cannot recognize a face because the face is at an angle or is obscured. Follow these steps to name it O Open the photo and click Name to open the labeling view. 2 Click Add Missing Face. iPhoto displays an editable box and label. 3 Click and drag the box corners to surround the face. 4 Click here to name the face. 5 Click Done. iPhoto labels the face with the name. 53 Manage Faces As you name faces in your photos iPhoto examines other photos in your library and attempts to name them for you. You can view iPhoto s face suggestions to confirm them. To label faces with names yourself see Name a Face. Manage Faces J 1 Click Faces. iPhoto displays the faces you have labeled. 2 Double-click a face. iPhoto displays the photos you have named here. Photos with name suggestions appear here. 3 Click Confirm Name. mH WORKING WITH iPHOTO 09 Organizing Photos iPhoto displays the unconfirmed faces here. 4 Click a face once to confirm it. iPhoto marks a confirmed face with a green label. 5 Click a face twice to reject it. iPhoto marks a rejected face with a red label. 6 Click Done. iPhoto updates the photos for that face. --------------------- What happens if two faces have the same name If two faces in your photo library are labeled with the same name iPhoto sees them as the same person and merges their photos in the Faces view. You can add a last name or initial to distinguish such faces and keep them separate in iPhoto. How can I add additional information to faces In the Faces view position your cursor over a face then click the info icon E that appears in the lower-right corner. A box appears that enables you to add a full name and an e-mail address. .

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