TAILIEUCHUNG - Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments- P3

Applied Oracle Security: Developing Secure Database and Middleware Environments- P3:Computer security is a field of study that continues to undergo significant changes at an extremely fast pace. As a result of research combined with increases in computing capacity, computer security has reached what many consider to be “early adulthood.” From advances in encryption and encryption devices to identity management and enterprise auditing, the computer security field is as vast and complex as it is sophisticated and powerful | XX Applied Oracle Security Recommend Testing . 586 Oracle BI Tests . 586 BI Publisher Tests . 587 Oracle Delivers Tests . 587 Sample Web Catalog Description . 587 SH Dashboard . 587 Utilities Dashboard . 588 Other Dashboards . 588 Sample RPD Descriptions . 588 Common to All RPDs . 588 Internal Authentication . 589 Internal Authentication with Act as Proxy Enabled . 590 Column-based Security . 590 Table-based Authentication . 590 Database Authentication . 590 LDAP Authentication . 591 SSO Integration . 592 Summary . 592 Index . 593 Foreword racle s business is information managing it making it useful and securing it. As Oracle s Chief Architect I have always had to ensure that our technologies not only provide business value but also do so in a robust manner. Security is a topic that comes up in practically every Customer Executive Visit and it s no wonder why. Today security privacy and governance are top issues for everyone. These are no longer nice to have issues but rather must have requirements. As such people are looking for ways to ensure they have done what they need to do to meet these strenuous requirements. This book provides the architectural and design scenarios as well as code to help Oracle customers to create and lock down their information security systems. What s most impressive about the book is that it is written by the hands-on experts in Oracle. The authors are the top engineers working with customers every day to bring together security solutions. Many of Oracle s products and technologies have been borne directly from the customer experiences of these very authors. You will undoubtedly find useful and insightful information in this book. I encourage you to read it cover-to-cover bookmark items of interest and most importantly implement the suggestions presented herein. Edward Screven Chief Corporate Architect Oracle Corporation xxi This page intentionally left .

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