TAILIEUCHUNG - IELTS teacher's book part 2

Tài liệu được biên soạn nhằm giúp cho sinh viên trở nên tự tin hơn trong việc phát triển các kỹ năng nghe nói đọc viết thông qua các bài tập trong tài liệu. Các bài tập và ghi chú đã được chọn lọc một cách kỹ càng giúp sinh viên dễ tiếp thu. | Haves and have-nots TO SET THE BALL ROLLING . As this unit develops a topic area related to Unit 3 there is no need for a separate introduction. However you could take a lew minutes to revise useful topic vocabulary from the previous unit . megacity accessible amenities together with language points from Spot the error and or the Key language. Lead-in 1 This brief introduction is an opportunity to highlight some topic areas and to check some key topic vocabulary. 2 Ensure students work in pairs. Although they re unlikely to know the answers encourage them to discuss the questions and make intelligent guesses. Make sure they have marked their chosen answers before checking. NB The Key on page 17 includes some interesting comparative figures which are not in the Student s Book. Focus on writing 1 Interpreting and comparing data 1 As an alternative to the procedure in the book and for speed you could read out the questions inviting students to guess answers without accepting or rejecting these . Move on quickly to the following task without letting students check answers 2 This orientation task needs to be completed quickly if it s to develop key skimming scanning skills so set a tight time limit say one minute . When checking answers ask for key words from the diagrams . C read and write literacy . Make sure students label the diagrams correctly before continuing. 3 4 Let students collaborate on these tasks if they want and again set a time limit. Briefly check answers to Exercise 4 in relation to previous guesses. 5 Monitor students work and use this exercise for diagnostic purposes. NB If you detect a general weakness in this area of comparatives do Key language Exercise 7 see below as a class before moving on to Exercise 6. Otherwise set it for individual or class homework. 6 There is more scope for error here so monitor carefully in order to steer weaker students in the right direction. 7 The information in the table is quite complex in that units

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