TAILIEUCHUNG - Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P50

Oracle Essbase 9 Implementation Guide- P50:Essbase is a multidimensional database management system. The name Essbase stands for Extended Spread Sheet dataBASE. Using the custom add-in provides the end-user with near seamless compatibility in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program. | Using your Essbase Cube Member names and aliases This set of commands allows you to pick and choose what member alias tables to use for the display of member names. Again if you are extracting the data from Essbase with your report script simply for flat file export purposes you do not need to worry much about member names. OUTALTSELECT Syntax OUTALTSELECT AliasTableName Example OUTALTSELECT Display This command tells Essbase to output the data from this point forward in the script using the member names from the Display alias table. All rows of data returned will have member alias names that are stored in the Display alias table. Building your first Essbase report script Hopefully your brain hasn t fallen out yet. There s still so much to do. We are now going to build a simple Essbase report script from scratch. As described previously navigate your way to the Essbase Report Script Editor in your EAS console. Go ahead and open a new and empty Report Script. Click on File Save and let Essbase save your report script in the default location with the name of . The first thing we need to know is the comment identifier. In any Essbase report script a double forward slash tells Essbase to ignore that line. This is how you begin a comment line. The double forward slash must begin in column 1 of the file with multiple rows all beginning with the . For example a single line comment would look like this This is a comment line. A comment block with multiple lines would look like this This is a comment block. It has several lines in it 230 Download at Chapter 6 Also it must be noted that if you are using a report script to create an actual report which will be printed and viewed by others then your report script can be long and complicated and perform several tasks at once. If you recall we mentioned earlier that some types of commands can be used more than once is a script. Well the exclamation point is the delimiter that tells Essbase that a series of .

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