TAILIEUCHUNG - Obelix and Co

Part: Obelix and Co. Asterix is a famous French Comic book, that has been translated into 100+ languages and dialects! (pretty impressive hah?). The first Asterix adventure (Asterix the Gaul) appeared in a magazine called Pilote and from then on, 32 other official Asterix comics have been published. Rene Goscinny wrote the books while Albert Uderzo illustrated them until the death of Goscinny aged 51. Uderzo then carried on the series. As well as the comic books, there have been many spin-offs including movie books, game books, Dogmatix books etc. Asterix is so popular, he even has his own theme. | GOSCINNY AND UDERZO BOOK 22 HODDER DARGAUD Ottiix QUMWi cmjton 6 5 I HAVE EVERY INTENTION OF BRINGING THOSE VERY GAULS TO HEEL. THAT WILL PLEASE JULIUS CAESAR. AND I DON T WANT TO STAY A CENTURION _MY WHOLE LIFE LONG

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