TAILIEUCHUNG - IElts foundation course part 3

Ngày nay các kỳ thi ielts rất phổ biến. Mọi người luôn muốn kiểm tra tình độ qua các kỳ thi này. Vì đây là một kỳ thi mang tầm quốc tế và chứng nhận của cuộc thi sẽ được chấp nhận ở mọi quốc gia. Tài liệu sẽ giúp các sinh viên ôn luyện tốt các kỹ năng nghe, nói, đọc, viết dể chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi ielts. | n turns to ask and answer rart 3 q Work in pairs. Take i itjng different countries Xi are the negative gfore you broad on holiday What do you need to do Le have on holiday What type of problem can Pra e tourists to come to their COUnt How should countries enco country will change in the How do you think o Listening 2 Prediction i train to Edinburgh and you phone the train J Y h- aabouXetype of information you want and write down line. Think about rne iyf following information. pp- How much does a ticket to 2 Sræe qüesSns Xrataenquiry person might ask you eg W you hope to travel Table completion 2 Look at questions 1-6. Which answers are times Which is a date 3 LEKI 08 Listen to a telephone conversation between a student an enquiry assistant. Fill in the information in the spaces in the boxes. Strategy Look at the parts of the table that are already complete. These will hel predict the type of answer that is needed. Date of travel 1 Single or Return 2 Standard or First Class 3 TIP Check if the numbering goes across or down the table. Outward journey Depart Birmingham 5 Arrive Edinburgh 4 Change of train Direct Change at Stockf Return journey Depart Edinburgh . Arrive Birmingham Change of train Direct 6 36 Out of this wor d thetable details to jrself eg Advance chase. ill help you to listen them in the text. 4 09 Listen to the second part of the recording and answer questions 7-10. Type of ticket Apex Super Saver Apex Peak Saver 9 Off Peak Saver Advance purchase necessary 14 days 8 None None Travel on Friday possible Yes Yes Yes 10 Price 7 54 38 Labelling a diagram Strategy There are many different types of diagram in the Listening module. There may be a map a plan a process or a picture of an object. Look at the diagram before you listen and think about what it shows. Look for key features and their positions eg if it is a plan where is the speaker standing If it is a process where does it start and finish 5 LSJ 10 The