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Robert Deel is a trading strategist, author, and an internationally recognized trading expert. He has trained individuals and professional traders in the disciplines of trading analysis, and tactical trading. Robert has trained groups of serious traders throughout the United States, Europe, Asia and Canada. | LIVE @ US WORKBOOK LIVE @ 13 Robert Workshop Full-C-arfenencE Strategic Analysis and Trading Tactics Hare you ewer wanted to leam to trade from a professional trader7 Well now you can I Robed Deel will show you the professional approach to trading and aggressive investing using MetaStock from a traders perspective. Whether you hold a position for several days or for a few minutes Robert will share tils auproach io trading from a high probability perspective. Some of the points that Robert will cover in his workshop include Synergistic Application of Technical Indicators The Anatomy of a Trade. Draw Down and the BO 20 Rule Tactical Trading Strategy. Mathematics of Trad ing Investalogy and much more. Robert developed the Enhanced Tactical Allocation Portfolio Strategies methodology. This tactical diversification system is designed for serious traders and professionals who want protective d ive rs if cation without inc u rring a serious impact on their total return Biography-------------------------------------- Robert Deel is e trading strategist author and an internationally recognised trading expert. He has trained individuals and professional traders in Iha disciplines of trading usyciwlagy technical analysis nr d tactical trading. Robert has trainee groups of serious traders throughout the united States Europe Asia and Canada. A former portfolio manager Robert Deel managed millions of dollars and acted as the trading strategist and advisor for a Southern California money management firm. He appears regularly on television and radio ard 5 toe author of Trading The Flan and The Strategic Electronic Day Trader. Robert is also CEO of This school trains individualsand professional traders from al over the world. Next Page STRATEGIC ANALYSIS AND TRADING TACTICS You make your own success through hard work1 Robert Deel 1 Next Page

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