TAILIEUCHUNG - Cracking the toefl ibt part 18

Nếu các bạn muốn hoàn thiện các kỹ năng nghe, nói, đọc, viết thì đây là tài liệu đáng tin cậy để các bạn sử dụng và phát triển kỹ năng tiếng anh của mình. Các bạn sẽ không phải ngần ngại khi nói hay viết một câu tiếng anh nào. | 8. Guillermo read the book. Rewrite The book was read by Guillermo Add new information Guillermo wrote a paper on the book. Possible responses Guillermo read the book and also wrote a paper on it. Guillermo read the book because he had to write a paper on it. The book was read by Guillermo so that he could write a paper on It. 9. Heather forgot her book. Rewrite The book was forgotten by Heather. Add new information She needed it for class. Possible responses Although she needed it for class. Heather forgot her book. Heather forgot her book although she needed it for class. Heather forgot her book even though she needed it for class. 10. Dennis plays the guitar. Rewrite The guitar was played by Pennis Add new information Dennis is learning to play the piano. Possible responses Pennis plays the guitar and is also learning to play the piano. Pennis is learning to play the piano although he can play the guitar already. Although he plays the guitar Pennis is learning to play the piano. The important point from this exercise is seeing that there are many ways of expressing the same idea. You ll need to use a variety of sentence structures to score well on the TOEFL. You can practice this exercise on your own also. Take sentences from a book magazine or newspaper article and practice rewriting them in a variety of different ways. Improving and Building Your Vocabulary As for the vocabulary aspect certain words are more suitable for certain tasks. Basically the Speaking section asks to you do the following tasks Describe Summarize Contrast Let s look at each task and the types of phrases that are appropriate. Descriptions Some tasks ask you to describe a problem an opinion or a personal preference. If you are describing details try using the following phrases one aspect of. one characteristic of. one quality of. one issue for describing a problem . one feature. one attribute. one element. one thing. 280 CRACKING THE TOEFL For example you may be asked to do the following .

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