TAILIEUCHUNG - Sổ tay công thức toán học

Phần sơ cấp bao gồm các vấn đề về đại số, giải tích, lượng giác, hình học và hình giải tích. Phần toán cao cấp chứa đựng các công thức liên quan đến xác suất thống kê, phương trình vi phân, chuỗi Fourier, phép biến đổi Fourier, giải tích vecto, các hàm số gamma , beta, Bessel , Legendre; phép biến đổi Laplace và các hàm số đặc biệt quan trọng khác. Sách được chia làm 2 phần. Phần 1 gồm các công thức và phần 2 là các bảng số liệu (giá trị). Sách được đóng gói dưới dạng file. | r Preface The purpose of this handbook is to supply a collection of mathematical formulas and tables which will prove to be valuable to students and research workers in the fields of mathematics physics engineering and Other sciences. To accomplish this care has been taken to include those formulas and tables which are most likely to be needed in practice rather than highly specialized resulta which are rarely used. Every effort has been made to present results concisely as well as precisely so that they may be referred to with a masi-Tnum of ease as well as confidence. Topics covered range from elementary to advanced. Elementary topics include those from algebra geometry trigonometry analytic geometry and calculus. Advanced topics include those from differential equations vector analysis. Fourier series gamma and beta functions Bessel and Legendre functions Fourier and Laplace transforms elliptic functions and various other special functions of importance. This wide coverage of topics has been adopted so as to provide within a single volume most of the important mathematical results needed by the student or research worker regardless of his particular field of interest or level of attainment. The book is divided into two main parts. Part I present mathematical formulas together with other material auch as definitions theorems graphs diagrams etc essential for proper understanding and application of the formulas. Included in this first part are extensive tables of integrals and Laplace transforms which should be extremely useful to the student and research worker. Part 11 presents numerical tables such as the values of elementary functions trigonometric logarithmic exponential hyperbolic etc as well as advanced functions Bessel Legendre elliptic eted- In order to eliminate confusion especially to the beginner in mathematics the numerical tables for each function are separated. Thus for example the sine and cosine functions for angles in degrees and minutes are .