TAILIEUCHUNG - Building Web Reputation Systems- P8

Building Web Reputation Systems- P8:Today’s Web is the product of over a billion hands and minds. Around the clock and around the globe, people are pumping out contributions small and large: full-length features on Vimeo, video shorts on YouTube, comments on Blogger, discussions on Yahoo! Groups, and tagged-and-titled bookmarks. User-generated content and robust crowd participation have become the hallmarks of Web . | copying and pasting an HTML snippet that the application provides. Flickr s patent doesn t specifically say that these two actions are treated similarly but it seems reasonable to do so. Generally four things determine a Flickr photo s interestingness represented by the four parallel paths in Figure 4-9 the viewer activity score which represents the effect of viewers taking a specific action on a photo tag relatedness which represents a tag s similarity to others associated with other tagged photos the negative feedback adjustment which reflects reasons to downgrade or disqualify the tag and group weighting which has an early positive effect on reputation with the first few events. 5. The events coming into the Karma Weighting process are assumed to have a normalized value of because the process is likely to increase it. The process reads the interesting-photographer karma of the user taking the action not the person who owns the photo and increases the viewer activity value by some weighting amount before passing it onto the next process. As a simple example we ll suggest that the increase in value will be a maximum of with no effect for a viewer with no karma and for a hypothetical awesome user whose every photo is beloved by one and all. The resulting score will be in the range to . We assume that this interim value is not stored in a reputation statement for performance reasons. 6. Next the Relationship Weighting process takes the input score in the range of to and determines the relationship strength of the viewer to the photographer. The patent indicates that a stronger relationship should grant a higher weight to any viewer activity. Again for our simple example we ll add up to for a mutual first-degree relationship between the users. Lower values can be added for one-way follower relationships or even relationships as members of the same Flickr groups. The result is now in the range of to and is ready to be added