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Điều mà mọi người đang chờ đợi nhất có lẽ là các bệnh ung thu và căn bệnh thế kỷ HIV- AIDS. Cho tới thời điểm này nhiều bệnh ung thư đã được điều trị bằng gen và đã đem lại những kết quả khả quan. | acc BA000003 and Pseudomonas aeruginosa acc AE004091 . EBI s Genome Web Server provides easy access to completed genome sequences and is available at URL http genomes Genome Monitoring Table The Genome MOT presents the status of a number of large eukaryotic genome sequencing projects. The tables are updated daily and also provide access to EMBL database entries. The Genome MOTis available at URL http Databases Genome_MOT Cross-Reference Information Links to a growing list of external databases have been expanded allowing integration with specialised data collections such as protein databases species-specific databases taxonomy databases etc. The WWW-based sequence retrieval system SRS enable users to easily navigate between cross-referenced database entries. EMBL links to other databases Database Nr of links RZPD 2002574 TrEMBL 338688 Demeter 175252 SWISS-PROT 143124 MaizeDB 65929 FLYBASE 40968 IMGT LIGM 37286 MENDEL 21033 GDB 8430 MGD 7998 TRANSFAC 6620 SGD 6029 EPD 3094 IMGT HLA 2628 Total 2859653 143 A list of URLs which conform with current DR line references is available Demeter http EPD http FLYBASE http GDB http IMGT HLA http www. . uk imgt hla IMGT LIGM http 8104 MGD http MaizeDB http www MENDEL http CPGN RZPD http SGD http SWISS-PROT http TRANSFAC http TRANSFAC Tr EMBL http WWW. swissprot Inform ation information. html Database Files In order to keep the size of the data files within reasonable limits for handling purposes additional division files will be added in subsequent releases as appropriate. EST Database Files EST files are now split according to taxonomic subdivisions following the model of the taxonomic split of all other EMBL database divisions . Release