TAILIEUCHUNG - Influence of root pruning on stem and root morphology of poplar (Populus deltoides) Clones

The aim of the study was to determine the influence of root pruning on the above and below ground vegetative growth of poplar (Populus deltoides) clones viz., S7C15 and Uday in 2012-13 at College of Forestry, SHUATS, Allahabad (). The experiment involved a factorial randomized block design which had five treatments(P1 – Control (un-pruned roots), P2- root pruned at 5 cm, P3- root pruned at 10 cm, P4- root pruned at 15 cm and P5 - root pruned at 20 cm) with three replications and each treatment consisted of 10 plants. Results of this study showed that survival percent, sprout length, leaf area, collar diameter, root diameter, root length and number of lateral roots were significantly affected by the root pruning treatments. However, no-significance differences of poplar clones were observed on survival percent, sprout length, root length and number of lateral roots. The roots pruned at 5 cm gave the best result for growth and development of poplar clones whereas the roots pruned at 20 cm length showed the lowest values. | Influence of root pruning on stem and root morphology of poplar Populus deltoides Clones

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