TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Project management: The managerial process (6/e) - Chapter 8: Scheduling resources and costs

For those who have diligently worked through the earlier planning processes chapters, you are nearly ready to launch your project. This chapter completes the final two planning tasks that become the master plan for your project - resource and cost scheduling. | 8-1 Project Management 6e. Overview of the Resource Scheduling Problem Resources and Priorities Project network times are not a schedule until resources have been assigned. The implicit assumption is that resources will be available in the required amounts when needed. Adding new projects requires making realistic judgments of resource availability and project durations. Cost estimates are not a budget until they have been time-phased. 8–2 8-2 Project Management 6e. 8–3 The Resource Problem (cont’d) Resource Smoothing (or Leveling) Involves attempting to even out varying demands on resources by using slack (delaying noncritical activities) to manage resource utilization when resources are adequate over the life of the project. Resource-Constrained Scheduling The duration of a project may be increased by delaying the late start of some of its activities if resources are not adequate to meet peak demands. 8-3 Project Management 6e. 8–4 Types of Project Constraints Technical or Logic

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