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Introduction into CNC Technology In CNC milling the main function of the work part clamping devices is the correct positioning of the work parts. The work part clamping should allow a work part change which is as quick, easy to approach, correctly and exactly positioned, reproducible as possible. For simple machining controllable, hydraulic chuck jaws are sufficient. For milling on all sides the complete machining should be possible with as few re-clamping as possible. | MATHEMATISCH TECHNISCHE SOFTWARE-ENTWICKLUNG GMBH Teachware CNC Technology Contents CNC Basics CNC Turning CNC Milling CAD CAM Turning Milling MATHEMATISCH TECHNISCHE SOFTWARE-ENTWICKLUNG GMBH CNC Basics - Excerpt MTS Teachware Student s Book - MTS GmbH 1999 MTS Mathematisch Technische Software-Entwicklung GmbH Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 101 D-10553 Berlin Phone 49 30 349 960 - 0 Fax 49 30 349 960 -25 World Wide Web http email mts@ Introduction into CNC Technology Characteristics of modern CNC machine tools Controllable feed and rotation axis Work part machining on CNC machine tools requires controllable and adjustable infeed axes which are run by the servo motors independent of each other. The hand wheels typical of conventional machine tools are consequently redundant on a modern machine tool. CNC lathes see figure 3 have at least 2 controllable or adjustable feed axes marked as X and Z. Figure 3 Controllable NC axes on an automatic lathe CNC- milling machines see figure 4 on the other hand have at least 3 controllable or adjustable feed axes marked as X Y Z. Controllable NC axes on a milling machine MTS GmbH 1997 .

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