TAILIEUCHUNG - Server Load Balancing phần 9

Trong chương này tôi sẽ làm cho tài liệu tham khảo rất nhiều giao diện người dùng Web (WUI), trong khi ở các chương khác, giao diện dòng lệnh (CLI) là phương tiện chính của cấu hình. Có hai loại khác nhau của tài khoản trên máy tính này: | Redundancy 137 Use the flat-based architecture for now and get the MAC address of for this particular switch port. To mark this port as redundant and to set up the protocol use the following command SSH@lb-l config server backup ethernet 100e0. With this configuration one switch will be active while the other switch will be inactive not forwarding IP or Layer 2 traffic. To get lb-2 configured copy the config from lb-1 to lb-2 changing only the 192. address to . Do a write mem and then reload the switch. Assuming it is the secondary unit the switch will boot up and see that it is indeed the secondary unit. To show redundancy status use the command show server backup SSH@lb-l config show server backup IV Appendixes Quick Command Guide This appendix provides a quick reference to commonly performed administration tasks involving the load balancers featured in this book. It is designed to save time and help in a crisis situation when reading through a chapter would take too long. The quick command guide assumes you have set up the SLB units in a manner consistent with the examples and network architectures detailed in this book however these commands should work in most other circumstances as well. The syntax and information are based on the software and hardware versions of the products at the time of writing and may vary depending on your version. Alteon WebOS These commands are based on WebOS Version but most will apply to newer versions and the earlier releases. Unless specified all changes need to have an apply done to make them effective. Shortcuts can be used where needed. For example info vrrp can be shortened to i vrpp. Reboot switch boot reset Fail-over status info vrrp Default to originalfactory config Enter boot conf factory Then reset the switch. Take a real server out of production temporarily Use oper slb dis server number such as oper slb dis 4 to disable real server 4 temporarily. .

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