TAILIEUCHUNG - e mail virus protection handbook phần 5

xuất hiện. Trong thanh tác vụ, bạn sẽ thấy biểu tượng của PC-cillin Quét thời gian thực ( cho Windows 9x và cho Windows NT). PC-cillin 2000 thực hiện quét virus của bộ nhớ, bản ghi khởi động, và các tập tin hệ thống ở lần khởi động của máy tính. | 180 Chapter 5 Client-Side Anti-Virus Applications appear. In the Task bar you ll see the icon of the PC-cillin Real-time Scan for Windows 9x and for Windows NT . PC-cillin 2000 performs a virus scan of memory boot records and system files at the startup of the PC. On the Windows 9x platforms this is done by placing the following command line in the C PROGRA 1 TRENDP 1 C C WINDOWS COMMAND NS WIN95 For IT Professionals False Positives I had already installed McAfee VirusScan 5 and Norton AntiVirus 2000 when I installed Trend Micro PC-cillin 2000. It broke off the installation with the message that it had detected another anti-virus AV application. Running more than one AV application at the same time can cause unexpected behavior of the application. When you have installed an AV application that is running real-time on-access scanning everything that you do is monitored for possible viruses. When two AV applications run at the same time unjustified detection of viruses can occur. These false positives can result in a lot of unnecessary work and worries. Earlier versions of AV applications were renowned for giving false positives especially when the technique of inoculation fingerprinting was used. The advice then was to disable the AV scanner before installing an application and re-inoculate before enabling the scanner again. I can even remember occasions luckily not too many when the only remedy in getting an application installed was to de-install the AV application. The latest versions of AV applications like the ones described in this chapter do not warn you about this problem when an application is installed. However when you install a major upgrade or service pack of an operating system you should disable your AV application to prevent false positives from occurring. For example Norton AntiVirus recently gave me a false positive with the installation of the Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. If you ever upgrade your .

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