TAILIEUCHUNG - dreamweaver mx weekend crash course phần 10

mặc dù tôi luôn luôn phá vỡ các kết nối khi tôi loại bỏ các liên kết trang hiện tại. Thực hiện các bước sau đây để tạo ra một menu văn bản như là một mục Thư viện: 1. Nhấp vào trình đơn phía trên bảng điều khiển tài sản, và | PART Sunday Afternoon Part Review 1. Although layers make creating a page easy they come with a serious disadvantage. What is it 2. How is CSS used with layers 3. Dreamweaver allows you to design with layers but to overcome the problems associated with displaying layer-built pages. How 4. When working with layers what is the Prevent Overlaps option designed to do 5. When you have a nested layer the nested layer is referred to as the child layer. What do the coordinates of this layer refer to 6. If you are going to use DHTML in pages for the Web what is an excellent policy to use 7. What part do Dreamweaver behaviors play in DHTML 8. What is one way to add animation with DHTML in Dreamweaver 9. How can you specify when an animation starts in Dreamweaver 10. When using DHTML for your pages no matter what you do one thing is absolutely essential. What is that critical step 11. What is a frameset 12. What is the difference between naming a frame and saving a frame 13. What is a frame 14. What are the drawbacks of framed documents 15. When you are adding content to a frame or editing a frame what should you keep in mind 16. How can you use a form item to simulate a framed area 17. Where do you use the Repeat command 18. What is a Dreamweaver extension 19. Why is it important for Web developers to learn to work within the limits of HTML 20. Perfection is always nice. With Web development it is essential. Why APPENDIX Answers to Part Reviews Friday Evening Review Answers 1. Although you can produce Web pages in Dreamweaver without knowing HTML code you can customize your work more easily with knowledge of HTML. Troubleshooting a display problem can be very frustrating if you do not understand enough about HTML code to find where a small code error is producing the problem. 2. No standards are accepted by every browser manufacturer so each browser interprets some code in a different way. Not only do differences exist among brands of browsers but often the same browser .

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