TAILIEUCHUNG - Tài liệu luyện thi TOEFL 10/2001

Tài liệu luyện thi TOEFL tham khảo, được soạn theo chương trình thi TOEFL của Trung Quốc. TOEFL (được đọc là toe-full hoặc toffle) là viết tắt của Test Of English as a Foreign Language. TOEFL là bài kiểm tra trình độ tiếng Anh (Mĩ). Bài kiểm tra này bao gồm các kĩ năng: nghe, nói, đọc, viết | 2001 10 TOEFL Section One Listening Comprehension 1. A He s disappointed with his interview. B He had to cancel his interview. C He doesn t want to discuss the interview now. D He shouldn t have applied for the job. 2. A Have a cookie. B Make cookies with the woman. C Give the woman a cookie. D Take a cookie for his roommate. 3. A He felt better an hour ago. B His headache should be gone in an hour. i C He forgot to take the medicine for his headache. D His head still hurts. 4. A She hasn t spoken to her friend in a long time. B She intends to visit her friend in Texas. C She sometimes travels abroad for her job. D Her friend has never been to Texas before. 5. A Meet at the bus stop. B Finish their candy bars. C Get off the bus at the next stop. D Meet in front of the rest rooms. 6. A He won t be able to repair the briefcase. B The repair shop is closed until Tuesday. C The woman should buy a smaller briefcase. D The briefcase will be ready before Tuesday. i . 7. A Find out how much work will be required for the class. B Take another class instead of creative writing . C Ask his advisor about the instructor in the Wednesday class. CD Sign up for the Wednesday class. 8. A He ll take his friends to Florida. B He s not sure what he ll do. C He planned his trip a long time ago. D He d rather not travel during spring break. 9. A He thinks clothing prices will decrease even further. B He s going to go shopping soon. C He didn t know that stores were having sales now. D He wants to see what the woman bought. 10. A She s glad the man waited for her. B She d like to reschedule the meeting. C She wasn t very late for the meeting. D She s sort that she missed the meeting. 11. A She ll play chess with the man this afternoon. B She doesn t know how to play chess. C She ll wear a warm jacket to the match. D She d rather not go out with the man. 12. A She originally proposed it B She doesn t think it s a good idea. C She s quite sure it will take place. D Its success depends on

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