TAILIEUCHUNG - The Comedy Bible

I n the beginning, God created heaven and earth. Cireat opening line—but unfortunately, already been used. And thou shalt not steal material, especially from God. But then, that's an entirely different kind of "bible," at least in most respects. What that Bible and this bible have in common is wisdom. Wanna learn how to love thv neighbor? Read that one. Wanna learn how to make thy neighbor laugh? Read this one. This version of the bible will show you how to dis- cover your originality, craft it, and turn your sense of humor into a mon- eymaking comedy career—no joke! The Comedy Bible—don't. | PROM STAND UP TO SITCOM THE COMED WRITERS ULTIMATE MOV TO GUIDE MOW TO MAMC A MVINO PfRFORMlAG ARO WRIYlHO COMCOW MOW YO YwRN MFC CXRIRlUlCCC IRYO AtkLCR COMIO AOVICB FROM COMIO t MOTYItT CYARC. WRlYCRC. PRODUCIR . ARO ACCRYt ARO. A COMPLCYf L tTlNO QT MARAGIRS. AGCHYC. ARO COMIO CLUBS Are you funny Want to have a career in comedy This book can show you how to turn your sense of humour into a money-making career and that s no joke Whether you yearn to create a killer stand-up act write a sitcom or be the star of your own one-person show Judy Carter will help you develop your comedy skills and show you how to make money from being funny. Written in Carter s unique take-no-prisoners voice The Comedy Bible is practical inspirational and funny. Using a hands-on workbook format Judy Carter offers a series of day-by-day exercises drawn from her wide experience as both a comic and comedy writer. Learn not only how to write jokes speeches and scripts but also where to sell them how to pitch them and even how to negotiate a contract. Along with providing additional insider tips from her celebrity friends Carter shows you ways you can turn comedy into cash that you have never thought of before. Until comedians can enrol in a comedy 101 humourversity course at the school of hard knock-knocks this is the next best thing Wil Anderson Judy Carter started her career as a stand-up comic headlining in clubs across the . and being featured on over 100 TV shows. She founded Comedy Workshops in Los Angeles where she trains wannabe comics as well as produces the annual California Comedy Conference. Many top Hollywood agents managers producers and casting directors attend this key comedy event and it has become the place to get discovered. She has caught the imagination of the corporate world with her novel technique of turning problems into punchlines . Her first book Standup Comedy The Book has sold over 150 000 copies. Praiie for THE EOMEBY BIBLE by Judy darter Turning

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