TAILIEUCHUNG - Ielts listening skill part 6

Kỹ năng nghe cũng là một trong bốn kỹ năng quan trọng của người học tiếng anh. Kỹ năng nghe thường đòi hỏi ta phải có môt kiến thức rất sâu và rộng trong tiếng anh. Do vậy tài liệu này sẽ giúp ta làm quen dần với từng kỹ năng nghe tiếng anh. | Build Your Language Skills I Test 3 Task 2 1 Listing factors In essays that ask for a discussion of different factors each factor needs to be introduced. Find 3 different expressions the writer of the sample answer uses to introduce each factor. 1 2 . 3 . What do you notice about the position of those expressions in each paragraph 2 Use of modals Models help a writer to express information or opinion with an element of doubt Change these sentences by using modals can may might . Use the sample answer. This is difficult for elderly parents paragraph 2 They have to master a new language 3 This causes stress 3 Moving to a country with lower incomes means adopting a much simpler lifestyle 4 .it is this dream that provides the motivation. 5 3 Synonymous phrases The essay title includes the phrase .moving to a new country It is important to use phrases that don t repeat words in the title. Find some phrases or expressions that the sample answer uses instead of moving to a new country If you find 2 phrases or expressions - good 3 phrases or expressions - very good 4 or more phrases or expressions - excellent Answers 1 One major question I Another issue is .are also an important factor position - Topic first sentence in each paragraph 2 can be may have to can cause may mean can provide 3 to live in NZ migrate to seek a new life in a new country move country undertaking a new life in a different country new life IELTS on Track GENERAL TRAINING WRITING TEST 3 Sam pee Answer 1 3 2 My family would very much like to live in New Zealand and we are seriously thinking of applying to migrate there There are many issues however that need to be considered before a decision can be made. Til talk briefly about some of them. One major guestion concerns the effect on families. When one family decides to seek a new life in a new country they nearly always have to leave members of their family behind. This can be particularly difficult for elderly parents who suddenly lose the support of a

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