TAILIEUCHUNG - What We Can Do to Influence the Outcomes

Accept the idea that the management function is getting things done through others. Accept the idea that you need them more than they need you. Recognize that the reward and punishments you get as a manger are not based on what you do, but on what your employees do; your employees are your score card. No matter what your style or skills or knowledge might be, their success or failure reflects upon you. If all of the preceding are true, then you will recognize that the only reason for being there as a manger is for you to do everything possible. | Guide to Retaining Employees What We Can Do to Influence the Outcomes Improve Job Satisfaction Improve Boss-Subordinate Relationship Provide Comparable Compensation Data RETENTION INTERVENTION Aspiration Principle Equity slake JOB job -Fir job Posting Recruiting Charges Com pens al on Comparison _ Managing Inclusion Position changes Motivating Environment Coaching Feedback Job Desigi Guide Coaching Guide _ ecision Rigtits Guide Good Boss Check List E-business Opportunities Achieve merit Recognition Worts Sheet P G E -Examples . Part of Vision comm unify . Rea Open compensation Information Guide to Retaining Employees Improve Job Satisfaction Back to Menu Back to What We Can Do to Influence the Outcomes Job Design Designing a Good Job 1. Does the job provide meaningful work o Is there sufficient variety of activities to build skills talents o Is the work connected to important business strategy goals o Is the work part of a larger whole - is it clear where it fits o Is the person able to complete at least his her piece o Does the job affect the lives work of other people 2. Does the job provide a degree of autonomy o Is there freedom independence and discretion to schedule the work and or determine the procedures for carrying it out o Are the expected outcomes clear Known Measurable o Are decision rights clear Does the individual know what decisions are his hers Are decision-making boundaries clear Are involvement expectations clear 3. Does the job provide self-reinforcing feedback o Are the results of the job clear Measurable Tracked o Does the individual know how well he she is doing the job Job Satisfaction Index Meaningfulness x Autonomy x Feedback Evaluating an Existing Job Printable version For each attribute score your job on a scale of 1-10 where 10 is ideal . S C O R E S C O R E S C O R E Meaningfulness Autonomy Feedback Variety of tasks Degree of discretion Clear measurable results Connection to business strategy Decision space Scorecard tracking systems .