TAILIEUCHUNG - Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development- P2

Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development- P2:Welcome to Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development , your new trusty resource for assistance in creating your own dynamic web sites. There are a lot of technologies available that can be used to deliver great web sites, and we ’ re glad you chose the Apache/MySQL/PHP (sometimes referred to simply as AMP) approach. You may or may not have had a taste of these three components in the past, but either way we ’ re confident that you will be impressed with the power that lies within them | Part I Movie Review Web Site Chapter 1 Configuring Your Installation Chapter 2 Creating PHP Pages Using PHP6 Chapter 3 Using PHP with MySQL Chapter 4 Using Tables to Display Data Chapter 5 Form Elements Letting the User Work with Data Chapter 6 Letting the User Edit the Database Chapter 7 Manipulating and Creating Images with PHP Chapter 8 Validating User Input Chapter 9 Handling and Avoiding Errors 1 Configuring Your Installation We assume that since you ve spent your hard-earned money to purchase this book you undoubtedly know the enormous benefits of using Apache MySQL and PHP AMP together to create and deliver dynamic web sites. But just in case you found this book on your desk one Monday morning with a sticky note from your boss reading Learn this this chapter looks at what makes the AMP combination so popular. This chapter also walks you through installing and configuring all three components of the AMP platform on Windows installation and configuration for Linux-based platforms can be found in Appendix I . Projects in This Book You will develop two complete web sites and a few side projects over the course of this book Movie Review web site By developing this site you will be introduced to the necessary skills to write a PHP program work with variables and include files and use data from MySQL. Using PHP and MySQL together makes your site truly dynamic as pages are created on the fly for your visitors. You will also get experience in validating user input while working on this site. Comic Book Fan web site While creating this web site you ll learn how to build and normalize databases from scratch manipulate images and send e-mails from PHP. You ll also learn about authenticating users managing content through a Content Management System creating a mailing list setting up an e-commerce section and developing and customizing a discussion forum. This book also covers how to learn about your visitors through the use of log files and how to troubleshoot common .

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