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Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development- P1:Welcome to Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL Web Development , your new trusty resource for assistance in creating your own dynamic web sites. There are a lot of technologies available that can be used to deliver great web sites, and we ’ re glad you chose the Apache/MySQL/PHP (sometimes referred to simply as AMP) approach. You may or may not have had a taste of these three components in the past, but either way we ’ re confident that you will be impressed with the power that lies within them | Wrox Programmer to Programmer Beginning PHP6 Apache MySQL Web Development Timothy Boronczyk Elizabeth Naramore Jason Gerner Yann Le Scouarnec Jeremy Stolz Michael K. Glass wrox Updates source code and Wrox technical support at tm Programmer to Programmer Get more out of Interact Take an active role online by participating in our P2P forums Wrox Online Library Hundreds of our books are available online through Wrox Blox Download short informational pieces and code to keep you up to date and out of trouble Chapters on Demand Purchase individual book chapters in pdf format Join the Community Sign up for our free monthly newsletter at Browse Ready for more Wrox We have books and e-books available on .NET SQL Server Java XML Visual Basic C C and much more Contact Us. We always like to get feedback from our readers. Have a book idea Need community support Let us know by e-mailing wrox-partnerwithus@ Beginning PHP6 Apache MySQL Web Development Part I Movie Review Web Site Chapter 1 Configuring Your Chapter 2 Creating PHP Pages Using Chapter 3 Using PHP with Chapter 4 Using Tables to Display Chapter 5 Form Elements Letting the User Work with Chapter 6 Letting the User Edit the Chapter 7 Manipulating and Creating Images with Chapter 8 Validating User Chapter 9 Handling and Avoiding Part II Comic Book Fan Site Chapter 10 Building Chapter 11 Sending Chapter 12 User Logins Profiles and Chapter 13 Building a Content Management Chapter 14 Mailing Chapter 15 Online Chapter 16 Creating a Bulletin Board Chapter 17 Using Log Files to Improve Your Chapter 18 Appendix A Answers to Appendix B PHP Quick continued