TAILIEUCHUNG - Building Web Reputation Systems- P10

Building Web Reputation Systems- P10:Today’s Web is the product of over a billion hands and minds. Around the clock and around the globe, people are pumping out contributions small and large: full-length features on Vimeo, video shorts on YouTube, comments on Blogger, discussions on Yahoo! Groups, and tagged-and-titled bookmarks. User-generated content and robust crowd participation have become the hallmarks of Web . | Figure 5-2. Boca Joe has played a variety of fantasy sports on Yahoo since 2002. Do you suppose the reputation he s earned on the site helps brings him back each year bond with Fantasy Sports players one that persists from season to season and sport to sport. Any time a Yahoo Fantasy Sports user is considering a switch to a competing service fantasy sports in general is big business and there are any number of very capable competitors the existence of the service s trophies provides tangible evidence of the switching cost for doing so a reputation reset. Coaxing out shy advertisers Maybe you are concerned about your site s ability to attract advertisers. User-generated content is a hot Internet trend that s almost become synonymous with Web but it has also been slow to attract advertisers particularly big traditional but deep-pocketed companies worried about displaying their own brand in the Wild West environment that s sometimes evident on sites like YouTube or Flickr. Once again reputation systems offer a way out of this conundrum. By tracking the high-quality contributors and contributions on your site you can guarantee to advertisers that their brand will be associated only with content that meets or exceeds certain standards of quality. In fact you can even craft your system to reward particular aspects of contribution. Perhaps for instance you d like to keep a clean contributor reputation that takes into account a user s typical profanity level and also weighs abuse reports against him into the mix. Without some form of filtering based on quality and legality there s simply no way that a prominent and respected advertiser like Johnson s would associate its brand with YouTube s user-contributed typically anything-goes videos see Figure 5-3 . Asking the Right Questions 101 Figure 5-3. The Johnson s Baby Channel on YouTube places a lot of trust in the quality of user submissions. Of course another way to allay advertisers fears is by generally improving the

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