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Với bệnh AIDS, người ta cũng thu được những kết quả rất khích lệ. Chẳng những thế các thế hệ vaccin AIDS sẽ thành công như các loại vaccin viêm gan B, vaccin cúm hay một loại vaccin hiện đại nào đó đang được lưu hành. | Gene Therapy Subject Index Quick Links to this page Send the url of this page to a friend News - What s New Meetings Calendar - Media Guide What is gene therapy How does gene therapy work What is the current status of gene therapy research What factors have kept gene therapy from becoming an effective treatment for genetic disease What are some recent developments in gene therapy research Basic Information - FAQs - Glossary Acronyms Links J Genetics 101 What are some of the ethical considerations for using gene therapy Gene therapy links What is gene therapy Publications Genes which are carried on chromosomes are the basic physical and About the Project functional units of heredity. Genes are specific sequences of bases that - What is pencode instructions on how to make proteins. Although genes get a lot of Qoafe attention it s the proteins that perform most life functions and even make up the majority of cellular structures. When genes are altered so that the J fT-Ogress encoded proteins are unable to carry out their normal functions genetic 4 History disorders can result Ethical Issues J Benefits Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for - Genetics 101 disease development. Researchers may use one of several approaches for correcting faulty genes Medicine the New Genetics Home Gene Testing Gene Therapy A normal gene may be inserted into a nonspecific location within the genome to replace a nonfunctional gene. This approach is most common An abnormal gene could be swapped for a normal gene Pharmacogenomics Disease Information - Genetic Counseling through homologous recombination The abnormal gene could be repaired through selective reverse mutation which returns the gene to its normal function. Ethical Legal Social Issues - Home The regulation the degree to which a gene is turned on or off of a particular gene could be altered. 162 Privacy How does gene therapy work Legislation In most gene therapy studies a normal gene is inserted