TAILIEUCHUNG - Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS- P18

Real-Time Embedded Multithreading Using ThreadX and MIPS- P18:Although the history of embedded systems is relatively short, 1 the advances and successes of this fi eld have been profound. Embedded systems are found in a vast array of applications such as consumer electronics, “ smart ” devices, communication equipment, automobiles, desktop computers, and medical equipment. | Event Flags Group Services C-15 If status is TX_SUCCESS the event flags set notification function was successfully registered. void my_event_flags_set_notify TX_EVENT_FLAGS_GROUP group_ptr One or more event flags was set in this group See Also tx_event_flags_create tx_event_flags_delete tx_event_flags_get tx_event_flags_info_ get tx_event_flags_performance_info_get tx_event_flags_performance_system_info_ get tx_event_flags_set cioHa oaLeHori tii Krxai LerHiaimi Please purchase PDF Split-Merge on . APPENDIX D Interrupt Control Service tx_interrupt_control Enables and disables interrupts Prototype UINT tx_interrupt_control UINT new_posture Description This service enables or disables interrupts as specified by the parameter new_posture. NOTE If this service is called from an application thread the interrupt posture remains part of that thread s context. For example if the thread calls this routine to disable interrupts and then suspends when it is resumed interrupts are disabled again. WARNING Do not use this service to enable interrupts during initialization Doing so could cause unpredictable results. Please purchase PDF Split Merge on www verypdf. D-2 Appendix D Input Parameter new_posture1 This parameter specifies whether interrupts are disabled or enabled. Legal values include TX_INT_DISABLE and TX_INT_ENABLE. The actual values for this parameter are port-specific. In addition some processing architectures might support additional interrupt disable postures. Return Values previous posture This service returns the previous interrupt posture to the caller. This allows users of the service to restore the previous posture after interrupts are disabled. Allowed From Threads timers and ISRs Preemption Possible No Example UINT my_old_posture Lockout interrupts my_old_posture tx_interrupt_control TX_INT_DISABLE Perform critical operations that need interrupts locked-out. Restore previous interrupt lockout posture. .