TAILIEUCHUNG - Biofilm formation of zinc solubilizing, potassium releasing bacteria on the surface of fungi

Attachment of soil bacteria to plant cells is supposedly the very early step required in plant–microbe interactions. Attachment also is an initial step for the formation of microbial biofilms on plant roots. For the rhizobia–legume symbiosis, various mechanisms and diverse surface molecules of both partners have been proposed to mediate in this process. A biofilm is an aggregate of microorganisms in which cells are stuck to each other and/or to biotic/abiotic surface. These adherent cells are frequently embedded within a selfproduced matrix of Extracellular Polymeric Substance (EPS) is a polymeric jumble of DNA, proteins and polysaccharides. The high population density achieved in biofilms provides the opportunity to perform enhanced biochemical reactions than that of single isolates and dual cultures. | Biofilm formation of zinc solubilizing potassium releasing bacteria on the surface of fungi

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