TAILIEUCHUNG - Shelf life studies of tomato powder incorporated cold extrudates

Shelf life studies of food products are gaining impetus due to the consumer awareness towards quality of the ready to cook products. The present study was designed to assess the keeping quality and shelf life of tomato powder incorporated rice based cold extrudates. The Cavatelli extrudates using ingredients: rice flour, wheat flour and tomato powder in the proportion of 36:54:10 respectively was developed and stored under room temperature. The stored samples were evaluated for sensory characteristics and microbial assay at regular intervals for 60 days. The results showed that the extrudates can be stored up to 45 days at room temperature. The samples showed gradual decrease in lycopene content during 0th to 60th day of storage. The microbial load . both TBC and TMC of all the samples was ≤ 2 CFU/ml during the storage period of 60 days. The microbial load was not observed in all the samples which were stored in LDPE packaging material and stored under normal room temperature conditions during the initial period of storage as well as up to 30 days of storage at 10-1 dilution. | Shelf life studies of tomato powder incorporated cold extrudates

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