TAILIEUCHUNG - Đề thi đề xuất thi đại học môn tiếng Anh số 1 năm 2010

Người ra đề: Nguyễn Thị Mai - GV trường THPT Cửa Lò - Nghệ An. Tài liệu luyện thi đại học cấp tốc năm 2010 dành cho học sinh hệ Trung học phổ thông ôn thi tốt nghiệp và ôn thi Đại học - Cao đẳng tham khảo ôn tập và củng cố lại kiến thức đã học. | Cities have always attracted people from the countryside. They offer wider (36) _ for employment. They also provide a better range of goods and services - shops, schools, hospitals (37) _ a generally more exciting environment for the sleepy village. However, cities have also been the (38) _ of crime and poverty. But the attraction that always remained and the movement (39) _ large cities is now stronger than ever. One result (40) _ industrialization has been the vast increase in urban populations. By 1990, 40 percent of the world's (41) _ lived in cities, and in the developed countries the figure was generally well (42) _ half. This came about partly as mechanized farming methods need only a (43) _ part of the workforce to supply the entire population. Another reason was the growth (44) _ industry which was located in the cities and employed huge numbers of people (45) _ a result, cities are becoming bigger and very crowded.