TAILIEUCHUNG - Questions Toeic

Tài liệu tham khảo câu hỏi trắc nghiệm giúp ôn thi Toeic | Collected by 101. For several years now we have seen a marked in attendance and exhibitions at the PCB design conferences. A increase B increased C increasing D TO increase 102. Make sure that transportation to and from the river is arranged to your. A satisfactory B satisfaction C satisfy D to satisfy 103. The imposing that will soon be Rand Corporation s R D center was renovated by the highly admired designer Haewook Lee. A structural B structure C structurally D in structural 104. Employees may receive 50 tuition reimbursement for job-related courses taken with a supervisor s . A approves B approval C approve D to approve 105. Mr. Hui a freelance writer here at ESS Newspapers has impeccable for the position of senior editor. A qualified B qualifications C qualify D be qualified 106. Because of an illness is much cheaper than treatment the local health clinic will be offering free flu vaccinations this weekend. A prevention B prevent C to prevent B prevented 107. Legal experts have presented that the DNA samples and fingerprints match. A evident B evidence C evidently D to evident 108. Mach Corp. has a system that allows clients to manage to employees files. A access B accessible C to accessible D accessibly 109. The average listener will not be able to notice any between audio CD and MP3 files. A differences B different C differently D of different 110. Without your we cannot guarantee your room after 6 . A confirm B confirming C confirmation D confirmative 111. of countries belonging to GATT approved the agreement yesterday in Geneva. A Represents B Representations C Representatives D Representing 112. Officials of the Sydney head of office will hold a conference to talk about goals for the next ten years. A them B their C theirs D they 113. As a customer service representative Mrs. Lee tried to solve complaints from customers before asking for supervisor s advice. A she B her C hers D herself 114 Mr. Alfred and I extend thanks to those .