TAILIEUCHUNG - Introdungcing English language part 28

Introdungcing English language part 28: 'In this exciting new textbook, Louise Mullany and Peter Stockwell have provided a fresh and imaginative set of alternatives for teaching and learning a huge amount about the English language. The book allows tor creative and lateral approaches to developing an understanding of important linguistic concepts and, together with the thought-provoking activities, and accessible readings, guarantees there is something to stimulate every learner. | C6 148 EXPLORATION INVESTIGATING ENGLISH LANGUAGE Once upon a time Ada and Dad went into the summer-house and played on the piano and did a book to go into Dad s book. They made lots of books then they went into the house and finished off their books. The End. Examine Ada s spelling patterns again. What is consistent in her system and what is changing Look closely at her letter-shapes. Looking at the content of the stories how are her narrative skills developing How does she connect events What evidence is there that her pronoun usage and reference chaining are developing Rewrite her final story above keeping the content but expressing it in a more mature form. What have you added and changed Activity Q Developing narrative literacy Here are six stories produced by children at different ages between 2 and 7 the spelling has been standardised from their originals . Try to put the narratives in chronological sequence based only on the style and organisation evident in the texts. In other words put them in the right developmental order. Answers at the end of the unit. Before you look at the answers make a note of why you placed your choices in your sequence which features of the narratives influenced your decision 1 The bugs live under the carpet. Bugs like dark. Bugs come out at night. Owls come out at night. Sleeping is at night. Owls don t like sleeping. 2 We went to Grandad s. We went to the seaside. We had ice-cream. The ice-cream was too big. There was a car coming the other way and coming fast but we jumped out of the way because Grandad shouted Look out So we went home then. 3 Alan lost his dog. He came back and opened the door and the dog ran out. We helped him look for it. It was called Yo-yo. We looked in the woods and drove around in the car but we couldn t see it. So we went to wait at home. And Yo-yo was waiting in the house all the time. 4 My friend likes chocolate. That baby is good. They don t want to play with us. 5 Once upon a time Ada and Dad .

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