TAILIEUCHUNG - Ebook Open abdomen - A comprehensive practical manual: Part 1

(BQ) Part 1 book “Open abdomen - A comprehensive practical manual” has contents: Basic research in open abdomen, anatomy and physiology of the abdominal compartment, indications for open abdomen in the non-trauma setting, the open abdomen in trauma, and other contents. | Hot Topics in Acute Care Surgery and Trauma Federico Coccolini Rao Ivatury Michael Sugrue Luca Ansaloni Editors Open Abdomen A Comprehensive Practical Manual Hot Topics in Acute Care Surgery and Trauma Series Editors Federico Coccolini Cesena, Italy Raul Coimbra Riverside, USA Andrew W. Kirkpatrick Calgary, Canada Salomone Di Saverio Cambridge, UK Editorial Board: Luca Ansaloni (Cesena, Italy); Zsolt Balogh (Newcastle, Australia); Walt Biffl (Denver, USA); Fausto Catena (Parma, Italy); Kimberly Davis (New Haven, USA); Paula Ferrada (Richmond, USA); Gustavo Fraga (Campinas, Brazil); Rao Ivatury (Richmond, USA); Yoram Kluger (Haifa, Israel); Ari Leppaniemi (Helsinki, Finland); Ron Maier (Seattle, USA); Ernest E. Moore (Fort Collins, USA); Lena Napolitano (Ann Arbor, USA); Andrew Peitzman (Pittsburgh, USA); Patrick Rielly (Philadelphia, USA); Sandro Rizoli (Toronto, Canada); Boris Sakakushev (Plovdiv, Bulgaria); Massimo Sartelli (Macerata, Italy); Thomas Scalea (Baltimore, USA); David Spain (Stanford, USA); Philip Stahel (Denver, USA); Michael Sugrue (Letterkenny, Ireland); George Velmahos (Boston, USA); Dieter Weber (Perth, Australia) This series covers the most debated issues in acute care and trauma surgery, from perioperative management to organizational and health policy issues. Since 2011, the founder members of the World Society of Emergency Surgery’s (WSES) Acute Care and Trauma Surgeons group, who endorse the series, realized the need to provide more educational tools for young surgeons in training and for general physicians and other specialists new to this discipline: WSES is currently developing a systematic scientific and educational program founded on evidence-based medicine and objective experience. Covering the complex management of acute trauma and non-trauma surgical patients, this series makes a significant contribution to this program and is a valuable resource for both trainees and practitioners in acute care surgery. More information about

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