TAILIEUCHUNG - Lecture Routing introduction: Determining IP Routes

The following will be discussed in this chapter: Routing overview, static and dynamic route comparison, static route configuration, default route forwarding configuration, static route configuration verification, dynamic routing protocol overview, features of dynamic routing protocols, the IP classless command. | Determining IP Routes Introducing Routing Outline Overview Routing Overview Static and Dynamic Route Comparison Static Route Configuration Default Route Forwarding Configuration Static Route Configuration Verification Dynamic Routing Protocol Overview Features of Dynamic Routing Protocols The ip classless Command Slide 1 of 2 Purpose: This slide states the chapter objectives. Emphasize: Read or state each objective so that each student has a clear understanding of the chapter objectives. Note: Catalyst switches have different CLIs. The Catalyst 2900xl and the Catalyst 1900 has a Cisco IOS CLI. The Cisco IOS CLI commands available on the 2900xl is different from the 1900. The Catalyst 5000 family has no Cisco IOS CLI, and use the set commands instead. This class only covers the configuration on the Catalyst 1900 switch. To route, a router needs to do the following: Know the destination address Identify the sources from which the router can learn Discover possible routes to the intended

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