Another significant driver—in a world now more environmentall conscious than ever—is a global thrust to develop projects whic not only minimize GHG emissions but also help to displace GHG emissions from other industrial sources. Thus, one of the more significant advantages of gas-turbine and engine-based cogeneration is the potential for significant GHG reductions. Further, it is the monetization of GHG reductions and other poss financial incentives that are helping to encourage and facilitate development of cogeneration applications. Gas Turbine Power Enhancements The gas turbine is an air-breathing engine that responds to the mass flow entering its compressor. For constant speed units, the gas turbine output will generally vary in. | Oracle White Paper - Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine A Brief Introduction An Oracle White Paper October 2011 ORACLE EXALYTICS IN-MEMORY MACHINE A BRIEF INTRODUCTION 1 Oracle White Paper - Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine A Brief Introduction Contents Oracle Exalytics Oracle Exalytics Hardware Oracle Exalytics Software Oracle Business Intelligence Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database for Oracle In-Memory In-Memory Data In-Memory Adaptive Data In-Memory Intelligent Result In-Memory Hardware An Entirely New User Interactivity and Advanced Oracle Exalytics and Oracle Exadata Better InfiniBand Oracle Exalytics Optimizations for Oracle Performance with Foundation for a New Class of Highly Interactive Applications on Federated Data Dramatically Faster Planning Conquer Analytical Pre-Packaged Business Intelligence Enable Intelligent Decision Cycle - Detect Analyze Model Scalable and Unified Management Visual analysis of large volumes of 2 Oracle White Paper - Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine A Brief Introduction Introduction Analytics is all about gaining insights from the data for better decision making. The business press is abuzz with examples of leading organizations across the world using data-driven insights for strategic financial and operational excellence. A recent study on data-driven decision making conducted by researchers at MIT and Wharton provides empirical evidence that firms that adopt data-driven decision making have output and productivity that is 5-6 higher than the competition . The potential payoff for firms can range from higher shareholder value to a market leadership position. .

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