Hiệu quả của các sợi nano carbon trong diệt Organics Phenol-Based từ Media dịch nước I. Đặt vấn đề: DIMENSION MÔI TRƯỜNG Một gia tăng đáng kể trong nhận thức và quan ngại về ô nhiễm toàn cầu và địa phương đã được nhắc nhở, ít nhất là một phần, bởi bằng chứng ngày càng tăng của suy thoái môi trường. Ô nhiễm không khí và nước tạo thành hai hình thức phổ biến nhất, và các hợp chất hữu cơ dễ bay hơi (VOC) đã được xác định là đóng góp chính cho sự suy giảm chất lượng không khí và. | 10 Effectiveness of Carbon Nanofibers in the Removal of Phenol-Based Organics from Aqueous Media COLIN PARK Synetix Billingham United Kingdom MARK A. KEANE University of Kentucky Lexington Kentucky . I. BACKGROUND THE ENVIRONMENTAL DIMENSION A significant increase in public awareness and concern over global and local pollution has been prompted at least in part by the ever-growing evidence of environmental degradation. Air and water pollution constitute the two most prevalent forms and volatile organic compounds VOCs have been identified as major contributors to the decline in air and water quality 1 2 . Volatile organic compounds enter the environment as a result of vehicle exhaust and industrial process emissions oil refining solvent usage in painting and printing etc. 3 . Phenol and chlorophenol s epitomize a class of particularly hazardous chemicals that are commonly found in industrial wastewater notably from herbicide and biocide plants 3 . The proliferation of phenolic waste has meant that the responsible handling treatment of such toxic material is now of high priority. Chemical spills may be much smaller than oil spills but they can still be devastating in their impact. Such was the case in June 2001 with a phenol spill in Singapore s Jahor Strait both one of the busiest seaways in the world and home to many commercial fish farms. An Indonesian-registered ship the Endah Lestari capsized in the strait between Malaysia and Singapore releasing its cargo of 630 tons of phenol. While salvage activities took effect immediately to pump phenol from the damaged vessel the phenol that had been leaked killed most marine life within 2 km of the ship. Phenol a corrosive and severe skin irritant on land also attacks gill tissues of fish when dispersed in water. There are numerous methodologies in operation at this time to combat the problem of VOC pollution. The most frequently applied techniques are centered M. Copyright n 2003 by Marcel Dekker Inc. All Rights .

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