TAILIEUCHUNG - Measuring Drive Performance

Of course this is a good news/bad news report. The good news is that increased driver turnover means that companies are hiring, meaning that the economy continues to strengthen - something we all are happy about. The bad news is that competition for drivers is getting tougher and that ultimately we are looking at a | Measuring Drive Performance lesson 10 This lesson includes the following sections: Average Access Time File Compression Data-Transfer Rate Drive-Interface Standards Average Access Time In storage devices, average access time (or seek time) is the time required for a read/write head to move to a spot on the storage medium. For storage devices, access time is measured in milliseconds (ms), or thousandths of a second. In memory, access time is measured in nanoseconds (ns), or one-billionths of a second. Diskette drives offer an average access time of 100 ms. Hard drives are faster, usually between 6 – 12 ms. Device Typical Access Time Static RAM (SRAM) 5-15 ns Dynamic RAM (DRAM) 50-70 ns Read only memory (ROM) 55-250 ns Hard disk drives 6-12 ms CD ROM drives 80-800 ms Tape drives 20-500 s Typical Access Times for Memory and Storage Devices File Compression File compression technology shrinks files so they take up less disk space. Using a compression utility, you can shrink multiple files into a single archive file. Utilities such as Windows' DriveSpace enable you to compress the entire contents of your hard disk. My archive Data-Transfer Rate Data-transfer rate (or throughput) measures the time required for data to travel from one device to another. If a device transfers 45,000 bytes per second, its data-transfer rate is 45 KBps. Hard disks offer the fastest data-transfer rates of any storage device. Drive-Interface Standards All PCs use a disk controller as an interface between a disk drive and the CPU. The two most common interface standards are EIDE (Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics) and SCSI (Small Computer System Interface). EIDE has evolved over the years and has several variants, all of which have different names. SCSI is a faster, more flexible drive-interface standard found in high-performance computers. lesson 10 Review Define average access time and explain how it is measured. Explain why file compression is a factor in drive performance. Define data transfer rate and describe how it is measured. Identify two drive interface standards.

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